Instrumental Music

Since 1985, Assistance League of Flintridge has administered an instrumental music program during the school year for students in grades 4 through 6.  This year, due to COVID 19, the program has been revamped to be ENTIRELY ONLINE, allowing us to offer new unique opportunities. Beginning students will start the year with a weekly 20-minute private lesson. In 2021, they will move into a half-hour class with a maximum of three students.  Advanced* students who would be in Concert Band or String Orchestra, will receive weekly half-hour instruction with a maximum of three students with the same instrument, allowing for more individualized attention.

The expectation is there will be no physical classes or concerts offered this year, although there may be opportunities for students to have a virtual collaboration experience.

* Advanced classes are for students who have been in ALF’s Instrumental Music program for one year, or with permission from the instructor.