Rentals & Events

Rental Instruments
Students are responsible for supplying their own instruments or may choose to rent an instrument from Assistance League of Flintridge for a fee of $200 per year. There is a limited supply of instruments for rent. Rental fees are refundable if the appropriate instrument is not available.

  • The $200 Instrument Rental Fee will be pre-paid at time of registration
  • Pre-payment of Rental Fees does not guarantee an instrument for your student
  • All instruments must be picked up on Rental Day by the family or a friend
  • Families who cannot pick up their instruments on Rental Day should rent their instruments privately
  • All students renting a string instrument must be present on Rental Day for sizing


Instrument Rental Day
If you are renting an instrument from ALF, it needs to be picked up on Instrument Rental Day.  STRING students MUST attend Rental Day with their parents to be measured for their instruments. For all other instruments, the students are not required to attend with their parents but are welcome.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, all instruments will be distributed outdoors in the Lanterman Auditorium parking lot, using a drive-through method.  Masks will be required of all participants.  Time slots will be assigned based on instrument with distribution priority given to new students.  The time assignments will be posted here on the ALF website as well as sent via email, just prior to Rental Day.  Rental agreements stating the parents’ responsibility for the care of the rented instrument will be attached to each instrument.  No signature is required.  Acceptance of the terms of the agreement is assumed, once the instrument is taken from the parking lot area.

Saturday, September 18, 2021 from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM, as assigned
Lanterman Auditorium, Parking Lot

Lanterman Auditorium
4491 Cornishon Avenue, La Cañada Flintridge

All students must take great care during the school year to protect their instruments from damage or loss. If a rented instrument develops a problem, please let the Music Instructor or ALF Music Chairman know as early as possible, in order to discuss repair or replacement.  Students who are having a problem with their instruments should still attend class each week. Students who do not rent their instrument from ALF may choose to rent privately from a music store.

Percussion students are required to have their own Percussion Kit, which includes a practice pad, bells, drum sticks and mallet sticks. ALF does not have these pieces available for rent but they are available to rent or purchase at local music stores or online.  For further guidance about percussion instruments, please contact your instructor.

Instrument Return and Summer Rental
Students are expected to return their instruments immediately if they are no longer in the program.  For all other students, instruments will be returned after the last day of class in May.  In the spring, ALF will provide instructions for returning instruments or signing up for Summer Rental, both here and by email. 

Instrument Demonstrations, Petting Zoo & Student Resources
Not sure what instrument to choose?  Students in 4th & 5th grade classes at LCE, PCR and PCY will have the opportunity to view Music instructors online, demonstrating a variety of instruments.  ALF has also created a virtual Instrument “Petting Zoo” where students can see music professionals playing instruments on our YouTube Channel.  Check it out!  More resources in the Student Handbook.

Informational Parent Meeting
All parents should plan to attend the Informational Meeting to learn more about the Instrumental Music program and how it has changed from previous years. Topics include the class structure, Student Handbook, Parent Communication, Instrument Rental, and much more.  This meeting is a great opportunity to meet the Music Instructors and get questions answered.  Masks required.

Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM
Assistance League of Flintridge – Chapter Meeting Room
Follow the driveway to the left, behind the Bargain Box
4607 Oakwood Avenue, La Cañada Flintridge

Missed the meeting?  Don’t worry.  See the handouts here.
Rental Day Schedule
Schedule of Classes with Locations
Parent Information Sheet

See the 2019 Petting Zoo

The Challenge of Running a Music Program in 2020

Rental Day 2020

Drive-Up Tuning
Drive-up services have been used for many years for many things, but Assistance League of Flintridge’s Instrumental Music program has added a new twist to this experience: Drive-Up Tuning for string instruments. ALF made several modifications to its Music program this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, beginning with a pivot to a virtual format.  This allowed ALF to continue this popular community program which has been in existence since 1985.  Going virtual has provided students with the unique opportunity for private and small group lessons, but it also created a challenge for tuning the string instruments.

Since the tuning process requires a specific skill set and students are not equipped to do it themselves, ALF devised Drive-Up Tuning sessions to meet this challenge.  String Instructors, Sahak Karapetyan and Ripsi Yepremyan have perfected the parking lot tuning process using the outside space at ALF.  No one needs to leave their car; they just pop the trunk, the instrument is removed, carefully tuned, then returned to the trunk.  Students and their family members quickly realize and appreciate the difference a well-tuned instrument makes ~ a much more enjoyable experience for everyone!


When the going gets tough, the tough switch gears.  Instructors, Sahak Karapetyan and Ripsi Yepremyan seen here, are tuning string instruments in the parking lot of Assistance League of Flintridge.  With the Instrumental Music students learning remotely, we wanted to give them the opportunity for a quick “tune up” between lessons.