Concert Band

For Advanced Band Students

Classes at LCE, PCR & PCY

For advanced students who have been in ALF’s Instrumental Music program for one year, or with permission of the instructor.

Parent Communications
Communication is important to us.  Throughout the school year, ALF Instrumental Music sends information and updates to parents via email. Be sure to indicate the best email address for your family during registration and check your spam filter for emails from,, or individual instructors.  Do not “unsubscribe” or you may not receive important notifications from ALF. For your convenience, we will also post the same communications here.

Emails Since August 2021
Music Chair Letter – Parent Meeting Reminder 9-9-2021
Music Chair Letter – Welcome Info & Rental Day  9-14-2021
Music Chair Letter – ALF Mask Update  9-19-2021
Music Chair Letter – First Week Recap  9-24-2021
Music Chair Letter – Concert Updates & Sectionals  10-25-2021
Music Chair Letter – Brass Sectionals  10-25-2021
Music Chair Letter – Band Protocols, FYI to all classes  10-26-2021
Music Chair Letter – Brass Sectionals Reminder  11-1-2021
Music Chair Letter – LCE, No Concert Band Nov 2  11-1-2021
Music Chair Letter – ALF Instrumental Music Update  1-4-2022
Music Chair Letter – New Concert Band Assistant  1-7-2022
Music Chair Letter – Update for Band Classes  1-11-2022
Music Chair Letter – Concert News  1-21-2022
Music Chair Letter – Band Classes Moving Inside  2-13-2022
Music Chair-Instructors Letter – Brass Sectionals & Spring Concert  3-3-2022
Music Chair Letter – Concert Solo Information & Application  3-10-2022
Music Chair-Instructors Letter – Brass Sectionals Reminder  3-22-2022
Music Instructors Letter – Concert Band Sectional Info  4-10-2022
Music Instructors Letter – All Band Concert Info  4-14-2022
Music Chair/Instructor Letter – Flute & Oboe Sectionals  4-18-2022
Music Instructors Letter – Brass Sectionals  4-19-2022
Music Chair-Instructors Letter – Band Concert Reminder  4-22-2022
Music Chairman Letter – Rental Returns  4-23-2022
Music Chair Letter – Final Concert Reminders  4-25-2022