Frequently Asked Questions

Class Dates for Summer School 2020
ALF Summer School will be held June 22 through July 17, 2020.  There will be no classes on July 3 for Independence Day.

4-Week Enrichment Classes
Students are encouraged to attend the entire four-week session for the full benefit of the program. Classes are Monday through Friday in the mornings and students may choose up to three class periods. There is no class credit or homework.

Program Hours
The schedule for each school includes three class periods and two 15-minute breaks. If your student does not take all three class periods, they cannot be on campus during their non-class time except for travel to and from classes. (For example – a student cannot register for 1st and 3rd periods and just “hang out” during 2nd period.)

All students entering grades 1-8 may participate in ALF Summer School. Students should register for the grade they will be entering in the fall of 2020.  Students entering kindergarten or T-K in the fall are not eligible.  We do not require that the student live in La Cañada Flintridge.  

Grades 1-6 will attend La Cañada Elementary (LCE), 4540 Encinas Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011
Grades 7-8 will attend La Cañada High School (LCHS), 4463 Oak Grove Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

Registration will open on Monday, March 2, 2020 at 12:00 NOON and closes Monday, June 15, 2020 at 5:00 PM.  Late Fees apply after June 1. Register early for the broadest selection of classes. The cost of the program includes the entire 4-week session.  ALF Summer School does not offer 1-week sessions so you may not enroll a student for any particular week individually.

Parents have asked if they can pre-register their student(s) in order to get through the registration process quickly.  The simple answer is “no.”  However, you may review the “Preparing for ALF Summer School sheet to learn what information we will ask you during Registration so you can start gathering it together.  Once you register and create an account, most of the information will be carried over to the next program.  You may return to your Online Registration Account at any time to update your information such as student address or parent contact phone number. If you have trouble registering, please call us at 818-790-2211.

On the day that registration opens, the system will be very busy for the first hour or so.  After clicking the “Register” button, you will see a number which indicates your spot in line.  Do not click out or you will lose your place.  It may seem daunting if you are number 100 but the countdown goes fairly quickly.  

Full Classes
Classes that are already full will be shown in red. Simply enter the grade level and class period(s) for your student, and a list of open and closed classes will be displayed.  You can check this any time without actually registering your student.  NOTE: Classes are not secured until the payment page so be sure to move through the registration process as soon as you are able.  If you get to the Cart page and a program has filled after you selected it, you must remove the class and go back and choose another.  This rarely happens and it is usually for only one or two of our most popular classes in the first hour.  Be sure to discuss alternative class choices with your child. 

Wait Lists
Popular classes fill quickly. If your student is not able to get into a particular class, you may contact the ALF Summer School office and ask to be added to a Wait List. Contact or call 818-790-2211 to make this request.  If a space becomes available, we will then call you to see if you are still interested in the class. In the meantime, be sure to sign up for another class while you wait. Most students on the Wait Lists do not get placed in their preferred class as our drop-out rate is low.

We realize that mistakes are made and sometimes students simply change their minds. We will transfer a student to a different class, provided the class is still available at the time of the request. You may email to or call 818-790-2211 to make this request. After the first day of Summer School classes, transfers will only be made as an exception and with the consent of the Summer School Chairmen.  Changes to classes after the first day can be difficult for the student and disrupt the learning environment.

Cancelled Classes
Cancelled classes will be identified during the registration process or later if the numbers are just too low to hold the class. Assistance League of Flintridge Summer School reserves the right to cancel a class that does not meet minimum student enrollment.

$175 program fee per class period.  $525 total, if the student takes 3 classes

No Refunds
Assistance League of Flintridge has a NO REFUND policy for philanthropic program enrollment. Also, we do not offer credits or refunds for partial attendance. In the event that a class is cancelled by ALF and there is no other class available for that student, a refund will be issued.  NOTE:  We are continuing to plan for Summer School 2020 but due to Covid-19, we will re-evaluate on May 1.  In the event there is no program, class fees will be refunded.

Late Fees
A late fee of $30 will be applied per class to each registration beginning Monday, June 1, 2020. 

A limited number of scholarships are available to La Cañada District students based on need. For more information and/or application forms, please contact the principal of the LCUSD school your student is presently attending. Sixth grade students entering 7th grade, may apply at the elementary or high school. All information will be held strictly confidential.

Special Needs
During the registration process, we ask that you list any special needs that your child may have or whether they will require assistance while attending ALF Summer School.  We share these notes with the Summer School staff, teachers and health clerk so they are aware of the special need(s) and can adjust the classroom or curriculum, if necessary.  Be assured that this information will be kept strictly confidential.  It is important that ALF Summer School knows if your child requires an aide or special equipment during the regular school year or has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP.)  We are happy to discuss what special arrangements can be made for your student.

Students who require medication to be taken during Summer School hours must have a Physician’s Recommendations for Medication form on file in the Summer School Health Office. The form must be updated every time a prescription changes and is valid through the duration of the summer session. A new form must be completed each year.

Behavior Standards
Assistance League of Flintridge programs are intended for students who are genuinely interested in the “joy of learning”. Because of the necessity for harmonious group interaction, a situation in which any student is discourteous, disruptive or uncooperative will be managed in the following manner:

  • Initial infraction: The student will be warned and the warning recorded.
  • Next infraction: The student will be warned and parents notified. The warning will be recorded.
  • Final infraction: The student will be excluded from participation in the program.

Program fees will not be refunded if a student is excluded from participation.  In addition, Summer School principals set the Student Conduct & Responsibility guidelines for each school location. These guidelines are included in the ALF Summer School Welcome Packets that are sent to parents and also posted on the individual school pages on our website.

ALF Music
ALF Instrumental Music offers classes to La Cañada students throughout the school year. During the summer, ALF Summer School also offers music classes for grades 4-6 (Beginning Band, Intermediate Band and String Orchestra) and for grades 7-8 (Band, Rhythm & Blues.) Instrument rental is available for elementary students for most instruments (except percussion) for a $50 fee paid at the time of registration. Students who have rented an instrument should receive their instruments on the first day of Summer School and must return them during the final week of July 13-17. A late fee may be incurred if the instrument is not returned to the instructor or to ALF by the end of summer school.

ALF Drama
ALF Drama offers programs twice a year through ALFie Players and ALFie Company. During the summer, ALF Summer School also offers stage performance classes for grades 4-6 (All the World is a Stage) and 7-8 (Glee.)

Welcome Packet
Welcome Packets will be sent out electronically approximately one to two weeks prior to the first day of school. The email will include the Customer Statement showing the classes the students are registered in with room numbers, a map of the school and special instructions. If you do not receive this packet by Wednesday, June 17, 2020, contact the ALF Summer School office. Be sure not to “unsubscribe” from Thriva/Activenetwork, our registration and communications company, and check your spam regularly.

Report an Absence
Consistent daily attendance during the entire 4-week session is encouraged for the full benefit of the program. When a student is absent, a parent/guardian must contact the Attendance Hotline on the day of the absence. Please indicate the student’s first and last name, the date(s) of absence and a contact phone number in case there are questions.

Child Education Center, Summer Program
Assistance League of Flintridge does not provide child care before or after school.  Summer Enrichment Camps are available through the Child Education Center and are held immediately after ALF Summer School at La Cañada Elementary.  

June 8th – July 17th  (no class 7/3)
Contact Child Educational Center (CEC)
140 Foothill Blvd., La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011
Main Office 818-354-3418, Monday – Friday, 6:45 AM – 6:00 PM

Coach Andy’s Assist Athletics, Summer Program
Coach Andy’s Assist Athletics will also hold their Summer School Sports Camps at La Cañada Elementary.

June 22nd – July 17th from 12:15 – 3:00 PM  (no class 7/3)
Contact Andy Chidester, 310-748-3652

For other La Cañada Unified District programs not listed here , contact the district directly for more information at 818-952-8300.

DISCLAIMER- Assistance League of Flintridge is in no way connected with any child care or after-school sports program. The information provided here is for information purposes only.

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Assistance League of Flintridge is a nonprofit 501(c )(3) organization.  If you need a statement showing the classes your student(s) attended and the amount you paid, you may go to your Online Registration Account and print one.  You may also contact the Programs office at or 818-790-2211 and we will email you a statement.

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