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Attendance Policy

Attendance is Encouraged – Consistent daily attendance during the entire 4-week session is ideal for the student to fully benefit from the ALF Summer School program. No refunds will be given for partial attendance. If you know in advance of the start of ALF Summer School that your student will miss classes, send an email to at your earliest convenience so we know that your student will not be attending on those dates.

Absence – When a student is absent, a parent or guardian must contact the Attendance Hotline on the day of the absence. Be sure to leave the student’s first and last name and date(s) of absence and a contact number in case we have questions.

Late – A student arriving late to his or her first class of the day must sign in with the school Secretary.

Leaving Early – A student leaving school before the end of his or her normal school day must sign out with the school Secretary. A parent or guardian must notify the school Secretary if a student will be leaving early for the day with someone other than the student’s parent or legal guardian. Before a student is released to an individual other than the student’s parent, guardian or other adult listed on the Emergency Medical Authorization form, proper identification will be requested from that individual.

Only enrolled students are allowed in the classrooms.

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Code of  Conduct

In addition to ALF Behavior Standards, the Summer School principals set the Student Conduct & Responsibility guidelines for each school location. Before the first day of classes, the guidelines will be posted on the school pages of the website and also included in the Welcome Packet sent to parents. Students who do not comply will be dismissed from the program. There is no refund in the event of such dismissal.

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