ALF Summer School for Grades 1-6 at Paradise Canyon Elementary

Paradise Canyon Elementary (PCY), 471 Knight Way, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

For over 40 years, Assistance League of Flintridge has held ALF Summer School at one of the elementary schools in the La Cañada Unified School District.  This year, we are pleased to be located at Paradise Canyon Elementary School.  ALF Summer School is administered by Assistance League of Flintridge members who are volunteers.  Many of the teachers, aides and principals come from the district and nearby areas. Many also return year after year to be part of the program.  During the summer, students are encouraged to participate “for the joy of learning” and there is no homework.

This year, ALF Summer School will look a little different.  Students will attend their classes in clusters of 15-16 that will remain together the full morning in their classroom and outdoor areas.  Tailored for each grade level, students will engage in activities that teach science, art, math, reading, writing, physical well-being and more.  There will be no online sessions or computer classes as the program is designed for in-person interaction with fellow students and their instructors.

Explorers for 1st & 2nd Grades
Explorers are eager to get back into the classroom and learn!  Geared to beginning readers who are starting to put words together into sentences, this class will include phonics and strengthen writing skills.  Students will discover math fun through counting games, and science and art will come to life when they explore natural things in their own backyard and make creative projects to bring home.  “Wiggle-time” is included between classroom time, where students will have outdoor play which may include favorites like Follow the Leader, jump rope and fun craft activities.  

Discoverers for 3rd & 4th Grades
This class will provide students with a stronger grasp of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math while becoming expert problem solvers.  Discoverers will expand their reading and writing skills as they investigate then journal their experiences from participation in “hands-on” projects which are relevant to real world applications.  Outdoor activities may include a variety of games, non-contact sports or activity centers.

Adventurers for 5th & 6th Grades
Adventurers take the basics to the next level, becoming “mad scientists” and “masterful artists” who will be challenged to think outside the box when faced with a variety of experiments, construction, and art projects.  Creative writing and math skills are utilized as students work to complete their projects.  Mornings will also include outdoor breaks for games and non-contact sports.

For those students who will need childcare before or after ALF Summer School, the Child Educational Center will be on-site at Paradise Canyon Elementary to provide activities for those who sign up.  Visit the CEC website for more information.

Welcome Packet

Once you have registered your student for ALF Summer School, you will receive a confirmation by email.   Let us know right away if you do not receive this confirmation.  One to two weeks prior to the first day of classes, the 2021 Welcome Packet will be sent electronically to parents. We will send the information to the primary email address designated during the registration process. The email packet will include the student’s class with room number, a map of the school and other special instructions.

The Welcome Packet will also be included below as it becomes available. If you do not receive the Welcome Packet by Wednesday, June 16, 2021, please contact the ALF Summer School office at 818-790-2211 or   If your address, email, or emergency contact information changes prior to the first day of classes, be sure to make the appropriate corrections by going to your online account or contact us directly.

For more information about what to expect during the registration process, see the “Preparing for ALF Summer School Registration” sheet on the Register page

Parent Communications

Communication is important to us.  ALF Summer School regularly sends information and updates to parents via email. Be sure to indicate the best email address for your family during registration and check your spam filter for emails from Activenetwork,, and/or Do not “unsubscribe” or you may not receive important notifications from ALF. Throughout ALF Summer School, we will also post the same communications here.

Emails Sent Since May 2021
Summer School Chairmen, Administrator – ALF Summer School is Coming! 5-23-2021
Summer School Chairmen – ALF SS Welcome Packet  6-12-2021
– Attachment, Complete Welcome Packet 2021
Summer School Chairmen – ALF SS is Monday!  6-18-2021
Summer School Principal – First Day  6-21-2021
Summer School Principal, Chairmen – Parent Information  6-23-2021
Summer School Principal – First Week  6-28-2021
Summer School Principal – Spirit Week  7-1-2021
Summer School Principal – Second Week  7-6-2021
Summer School Principal – Third Week  7-11-2021
Summer School Principal – Fourth Week  7-16-2021
Summer School Committee – Lost & Found  7-18-2021